Saturday, January 1, 2011

What a Night!

Happy New Year!!

Bryan, Elizabeth, and I went to Aquitaine for a late dinner last night.

Our meal finished up just as 2010 was winding down. Along with our check we were served champagne, party hats, and sparkly whistles!

(my sister says I'm not a hat person---and sadly I'll have to agree.)

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve! When we got home our power was still out (transformer blew up before we left) so by candle light and the soft serenade of N-Star workers outside we discussed where we were a year ago and where we will most likely be a year from now. Very good. Very very good.

Day one of resolutions going well?? I've enjoyed hearing what everyone plans to do this year! My other resolution starts Monday with day one of half marathon training!! I'm excited! I know I can do it!

Now, back to the Gator Bowl! Go State!


  1. I spent my new year's eve in a laundry room under the threat of a tornado with five dogs! I'm glad yours went a lot better!

  2. Betty Boop2.1.11

    Yes, we had a storm. We are O.K. I hope your New Year will be great and hope mine will be better. MaMaw