Sunday, February 23, 2014

A New Adventure

I start a new adventure tomorrow! I have a new job! 

I'm so excited to move back into the business world and start something new, but you all also know how much I have loved working with kids the last 5 years so this transition is incredibly bittersweet for me. There were definitely some tears shed last week.

I have so enjoyed my two and a half years with Lily and 13 months (all her life) with Mia and their family! I'll still see the girls so that makes things easier and happier all around. They are off to Spring Training for a month in Florida this week, and I know they will have a blast swimming and being warm! 
Here are a few pictures from the last week with the little ones!

Mia tries a strawberry cupcake at our playgroup Valentine's Day party

Lily loves using her snow man kit. I'm terrible at rolling snow into big balls... so this is how we make the best of both!

Mia slept right through our lunch out. I guess the zoo was too much to take in!

My lunch date on Thursday after the zoo

School Vacation Week Ice Cream Social

Our last lunch together

Our farewell lunch! Notice the drips of chocolate ice cream from the party!
I love these girls so so much!

My new position is with a management team for an international luxury residential properties brand. I've heard such good things about the company and know a couple people who work for them. My new office will be right in the heart of Back Bay, so I'll be taking the train to get there. I've dug out all my old work clothes (and quickly realized that most of them were ill fitting (most likely they were ill fitting when I last wore them, just at that time my husband had fewer opinions about what looks good on me, which I appreciate)), I've got some new high heels to break in, and I'm ready for tomorrow- I hope!

I really am excited! I'm sure I'll be able to share more, soon! 

Much love to you all!
Happy Sunday!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

True Love

With that title you might expect me to pour out my heart over how much I care for and love and adore my sweet husband. I do, but I can give an example that truly exemplifies this.

After having a lovely valentines weekend, I find my self so so ill that I can hardly get to my feet today. Having someone who truly loves you through illness is kind of amazing the more I lay covered with no less than half a dozen blankets and think about it. I know I've just got a virus and that we're not in for anything major, but it still amazes me that he's doing anything I need him to do today. He walked through the winter to get me Gatorade and sprite. He exchanged my crackers for pretzels when I noticed a slight sesame flavor that is currently extremely off putting. I laid in bed and listened to him clean the whole house! I love my guy. And I know he loves me because he doesn't just tell me so, he shows me daily.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day Weekend!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Digging Out... Again

After the storm (well after the major part of the snow), I suited up and shoveled the car out so that I could come to work today!
It's really good cardio, you know.

I think we ended up with almost a foot of snow.

All clean!

Hope you're having a less chilly Thursday than we are here in New England!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Storm Nika

When my 3 year old friend wants to go outside to play, I say 'yes!' but I don't always say "and I'm coming with you!" Mia and I just stayed inside and watched 'the Lily show' while she played in Monday's snow storm.

Today is a new snow storm... worse than Monday's. We are forecasted to get a foot of snow today. 
I'm over it. It's beautiful, but seriously, let's have blizzards on Saturdays when no one has to go to work.

I love this bug! (and she crawled this week! It was a modified 'crawl' but I cried and her Physical Therapist teared up! It was a huge deal. Something we've been working on for months. I couldn't be more proud of her hard work or more thankful for an amazing PT!)

It's tough to be a kid.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I love this city

My view of the frozen city this morning on my run. It actually turned into a beautiful day with sun shine and highs in the 40s! I even came home to my Love making waffles!
Lovely Sunday wishes to you all!