Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Mini Resolution

Sophie (who's blog can be found on my side bar- that I can't figure out how to link from my phone) is a coupon master! She often gets groceries for half price because she's so good at using coupons. Well while we were home I sought her expertise and feel a little better equipped to save us a little money on groceries this year, which is a mini resolution of mine. Yay! Thanks, Sophie!!

My new coupon organizer!

If anyone has coupon tips, I'd love to hear them... I'm not 100% sure how to make the most of them yet.


  1. I saw this show on TV a week or so ago profiling people who are coupon CRAZY! They would stragegize, go to a store, and get thousands of dollars worth of groceries for free! As amazing as it sounds, these people spent hours and hours and hours causing relationship strains and space issues. (Where do you put all those groceries?)That being said, GOOD LUCK!

  2. Ha! Ben, we definitely won't be extreme couponers!

    You'll be fine. After doing it for about 4 months, I'm really just now getting the hang of it. And, as you know, we coupon to save money on things we already buy, not to get a pantry worth of weird things for free (though free doesn't hurt!).