Friday, January 7, 2011

Let's Make a Deal

Ok, Snow, if you don't come down so hard that we can't get to New York tonight, I'll be your best friend. Thanks.

And to stave off the disappointment of possibly not getting away this weekend let's look at something beautiful:
Sky High- Irresistible Layer Cakes

Mmmmm... My new cookbook just arrived, and I can't wait to start baking!!
Bryan chose the strawberry shortcake for the first one, so even if we are snowed in this weekend we will be together and will be eating well!
If anyone knows of a cute cake pedestal and dome let me know. I'm on the hunt.


  1. I LOVE Sky High. One of my favorite cookbooks ever. I really like my scalloped cake pedestal from Williams-Sonoma. Martha Stewart also makes the plain ceramic ones.

    Happy baking!

  2. What do you mean "get away"? You just got home!!