Sunday, January 30, 2011

Something I Am Good At

And getting better at all the time, if I might be so bold: Shoveling the car out of feet and feet of snow!
This time actually wasn't as bad as the last couple of times. The snow wasn't icy and hard and had already melted off the top so it went pretty quickly. Plus actually being able to see the car when you walk up next to it is an encouraging feeling.

The car's not hidden back there. This pic just shows how high the snow is piled (and more snow is coming on Tuesday?!?)

Here's the car.
Let's see, where should we start? And yes, there is a strategy involved with digging out.

First use a broom to sweep the snow off the car itself. Get the car completely clean before you start moving snow away from the ground near the car (doing this in reverse means you have to move the snow on the ground twice).
Next shovel out the street side of the car (the sidewalk side doesn't matter-- you'll have to crawl through the passenger's door to get in but everybody does that).

The above photo should look like the photo below if done properly:

Ahh, a job well done. And I got out on my first try! (For which the other shovelers around me literally cheered. You become close to the other shovelers, you know? As each one breaks free of their snowy bonds the optimism grows that you too will soon be free.)
Sweet Husband is ill. He was off the shoveling hook today. Feel better, Dear!

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  1. I can't even imagine what that is like. I've never ever seen that much snow at one time, much less have to really exercise myself in it!