Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hevens to Betsy

I wonder how that phrase got popularized...
Anyway, like I was saying, Heavens to Betsy, we got about 15 new inches of snow last night. And when that happens I DO NOT drive. I take the train to work which is much easier and safer (for everyone I'm sure). So this morning's walk to the station was a bit hairy.

I love taking the first steps in fresh snow. And then I realized it was up to my knees. And then i realized I had mistakenly chosen short duck boots instead of waders today. (not that I have waders, but they would have been useful today nonetheless)

Not an inch of plowed sidewalk anywhere in sight. So I joined the herds of business folk who were taking to the streets.

This drift is taller than me!! By a couple feet!

Other than the lone tire track, can you find the road?

Since there was another snow day we ventured outside to make snow angels and ice chairs and Martha sunk completely under the snow when angels were attempted.

See Tiffanie? To the right? Behind the snow mountain? See the three foot fence on the left for reference.

Hi, Tiffanie!
Hope you're having a snow-riffic day today!

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  1. I can't even imagine what this would be like.

    Martha looks pretty snazzy in her winter clothes though!