Sunday, August 30, 2009

We made sea scallops with grape tomatoes and fresh basil last night. So good. And... super easy! The sea food up here is pretty available and who knew it was so easy to cook?

We tried a church today. It's not THE ONE. But I'm glad we went.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Little House

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our new house!My favorite part of our kitchen.The cute shelf that Bryan built with some brackets I've had for a few years. (This shelf replaced that awful wooden bookcase that was nailed to the wall before. Check out the photo of the kitchen from when we first moved in!)
Our new knife storage:
Our mantel. I'm so excited to have a mantel to decorate for the seasons!

Our new living room chandelier. Here's what happened to that light I took from you, Jan!
The plant that we brought in the car with us... and the new little succulent that was left for us. Such a happy family.
Bryan's library.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Liberty Mutual and Clam Chowder

Today was the first day we got to go into the city! It was a BEAUTIFUL day and after meeting with our new insurance guy (and getting tons of local 'must-dos' and 'must-sees' from him) we headed over to Legal Sea Food for a bowl of clam chowder to-go.
We took our chowda (all "R's" turn into "A's" around here for some reason) to the paak (park) fuh (for) lunch.
We watched the swan boats go round and round the lake while we sat in the Common for a while.

We also walked over to Harvard Square a couple of nights ago and on the way there, I snapped a photo of our neighborhood. See, parents? It's cute.
House pictures coming soon, I promise!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I think my kitchen is out to get me.

Two nights ago I made a savory bread pudding in a large skillet for dinner... I had layers of bread, cheese, veggies, and cream and it was perfect. I opened the oven, slid in the skillet, and the handle poked out of the door by at least two inches. I cried a little.

Last night as I was washing up some stone bake ware, a handle on one of my favorite dishes hit the corner of the sink and broke right off. The shard of handle flew with godspeed directly into my toe and made me bleed! Gushes of blood that really did resemble Niagara Falls... Bryan might tell the story a little differently but he, in the end, rescued me with a band aid. Twenty minutes later, while I was making dinner, I stepped on a tiny piece of broken dish and it made my other toe bleed! Again with the band aids... If anything else happens in that kitchen this week, I'll probably look into having some kind of spirit-removal-ritual performed. I'll keep you updated.

In other news, all our boxes are unpacked and everything is arranged! Pictures to come soon!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our New House

is TINY! Yikes.
I was taking pics when we first got here to put on the blog and was a little disheartened when after only three photographs, I was done.

So here are the three pics from when we first arrived:
The kitchen
The living room/ dining room/ entryOur bedroom
And then we painted.
It really made me feel a lot better to paint. I like it much better than before. Once we get all the off-white trim painted white, I think that will be even better!

So this is it: Our little house. We have most of the second floor. The far right window is the kitchen and the two left windows are the living room.And then this happened:
Uh oh. The story of how everything doesn't fit will be coming soon, I'm sure.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Drum Roll Please

This should say "welcome to New Jersey" but unfortunately it doesn't... I guess I missed it!

We made it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's Always Sunny

In Philadelphia
Which is where we are this morning and were yesterday!
The Liberty Bell
City Hall
Independence HallIndependence Hall

Ben Franklin's House-- I even sent some postcards from his first post office which was really close to his house too!
The Second National Bank
Second National Bank Inside

Today we head to Boston! Our journey is almost complete. A new home awaits.

Monday, August 17, 2009

"Who's Mr. Obama?"

asked a little boy. "Only the most powerful man in the world, duh!" said his grandfather... ok, so his grandfather didn't say "duh," but I swear the rest is something I heard near a memorial today.

We spent the day again in Washington DC. Only today we were much smarter about how much time we spent outside in the direct sunlight.
We visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum which I found very interesting. I wanted to cry and cry by the time I got to an area displaying piles and piles of shoes. Men's shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes. None of them matched any other in sight. Some were dress shoes, some high heels, some sandals, some clogs, some leather, some worn, some dirty... So indiscriminate.
The exhibit was really an amazing one that I would highly recommend. After the Holocaust Museum we walked around the tidal basin to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

And then onto the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial:
And then on to the Arlington Cemetery.
which was also extremely moving to see. The changing of the guard at the tombs of the Unknown Soldiers was something I'm glad I got to see.

And as if we hadn't walked enough today, we made our way over to the Arlington House (where Bryan informed me the grand daughter of George Washington and her husband Robert E. Lee once lived)
And to the graves of John F. Kennedy and Jackie O.
Two days in DC, I'm afraid, wasn't nearly enough... I was starting to have real sympathy for my mom, Frank, & Aimee toward the end of the day today, though. I'm sorry I made you walk around all day every day for a week in New York last summer. I am incredibly tired after only two days of endless walking and thought this afternoon how sad your feet must have been by the end of five!