Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dream Catcher

On one of our (many many many) snow days this past month, I dug out some of the handmade doilies that Mamaw gave me a couple years ago. I had never really known how to display them but really like how this one turned out!
The feathers are from one of the beautiful ducks Bryan killed this season and the slubby yarn is from a dear friend who brought it back from France.

We also had a really nice Valentines Day weekend!

We got a tiny reprieve from the cold weather today. We reached above freezing for the first time in weeks! While this is still our scene out of the window.... I'm dreaming of the beach! 4 weeks until spring (I'll believe that when I see it) & 17 weeks to beach week!


Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter is Coming

Actually it's already here. I don't know if everyone knows this though, because friends and family from the South have taken to sending me photos of themselves sunning outdoors lately.

Beach Week can't come fast enough! Summer come quickly. Maybe I should just go ahead and order a happy lamp. Plenty of people here have them, and this winter might be the one that sends me into a full on need for it.

My new Bean Boots came just in time for the season's first blizzard! They are SO WARM AND COZY! I love these boots!  Bryan got them for me for my birthday- What a perfect gift!

I have gotten to work from home a couple of especially blizzardy days. 

Thus is life in New England.

That's our car next to me. See it? No?

Like a rat in a maze!

And I know we're late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mamaw! It looked like you had a wonderful day!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Bryan and I traveled to Paris this summer. It was the first time either of us had ever been and it was absolutely amazing!

We had the best time! We walked miles and miles every day, ate delicious cheese, bread and pastries, and drank wine at all hours. The city and all of it's sites are just as lovely as you expect them to be. At every street corner, you only had to look up to see something beautiful. I'm so thankful that we have adventures together!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our Half Marathon

Bryan and I ran our first half marathon today! He did awesome and ran the race a full 44 minutes faster than me! Way to go!
Three of our friends, who originally talked us into running this race, also did great!

I'm totally spent...

We went to carb load at Olive Garden last night. MISTAKE. The trip started out ironically, but ended with us actually at Olive Garden, actually full of bread and pasta... blech


My pacing partner! Just kidding, she was way faster than me. :/

On to the second half of the race!
The half-marathon was sponsored by Narragansett beer company so there was a beer garden and all of the runners got free beer after! I didn't think I'd really want beer after running so far, but we all immediately crushed two or three of them! I was so hot and thirsty!!!

Right after crossing the finish line, I was handed my medal and high-fived by my friends. Bryan asked me if I wanted a banana, and I just burst into tears! I'm sure he was concerned, but really I think it just all came flooding out at that moment. I asked my body to do something really hard, something my mind really wanted to do, and I was able to accomplish it. I ran by myself on the coarse for 13.1 miles and I ran across that finish line to see my husband & friends waiting for me! It was a big deal for me!

The 'Gansett Girl let Brett put on the can costume! 

We went home, showered, ordered BBQ & Mac & Cheese and all headed over to John's house to watch the World Cup. I had to bow out a little early from the world cup frenzy... I think I've done all I can do this day.

I'm very proud of us all!

And after I take a nap, I'm sure I'll be ready for the next adventure!