Sunday, January 26, 2014

Horn Pond

We took the 'warm' weather yesterday as a sign to head outside! By warm, I mean upper 30s with no wind. We went to Horn Pond, and it was lovely!

My bread starter is going strong! I made a couple loaves of campagne on Friday morning. I took one to Lily and family (since she helped me feed him, I wanted her to see what came from the starter). She said "This is so delicious! What bakery did it come from?" I think that's a win!
Today I made two loaves of country blonde rye!
I gave my friend, Erin, some of the starter as well, and she's baking away! I can't wait to see what she makes! (Her having a bit of starter also insures that should one of us kill ours all is not lost.)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Not Dead.

Bryan has taken to hunting ducks and because we live in the freezing Northeast, he needs all kinds of gear, you know? Waders are one piece of the gear and Bryan's new favorite game is to leave them around the house in places that make me think someone is passed out. It's startling every time!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Long time, no type.

It's blizzarding here... again... We live in the arctic, you know?

Big news: I haven't fallen down once this year on the ice! I'll probably bite it tomorrow just for saying that. It's happened every year without fail. I guess the winter is still young!

So what have we been up to?

I had a fantastic birthday and just-the-two-of-us-Thanksgiving in November, hosted our annual Christmas party with 40ish guests this year, spent some much needed time with family in Mississippi over the Christmas holiday, went to New Orleans with my Love, spent New Year with dear friends eating and drinking and dancing the night away, sold a lot a lot a lot of jewelry, and had general adventures with the kiddos!

On a more day to day note, I've taken to making popsicles as often as possible. Lexie got me a popsicle tray and a Paletas book for Christmas and I'm hooked... zero degrees or not, I'm hooked.

I've also gotten another bread 'starter' going. I have high hopes for this guy. I killed the last one (about a year ago, actually) and haven't had the heart (or the waistline) to try again. Lily helped me feed him this morning and she decided he was just like Mia. He wants to be fed every day and kept warm.

No some pictures from the past months. You'll be all caught up and I'll keep you posted from now on!

Thanksgiving day we ate lots of delicious food!

Our fun Christmas party!

The Ruins of Windsor in Port Gibson Mississippi

Crossing the Mighty Mississip

An Opossum in the Louisiana countryside.

The next few are the amazing hotel we stayed at in New Orleans! Gorgeous!

Grapefruit Popsicles. only two ingredients!