Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Crane Estate

Well, the beach was FREEZING! At least it was sunny! Everyone on the beach was wrapped in hoodies and blankets with full winter coats and boots. We were way too optimistic...

We ended up walking down the beach and hiked up the trails to the Crane Estate. 
The tide was really high yesterday and flooded the channels. This is the main thing Bryan considers when he goes hunting in the marshes. He has to be really aware of the tides because they come in pretty quickly and if it floods the channels, it's almost impossible to find a safe way back to higher land because you can't see the maze of ditches anymore. I've never seen the tides flood the marsh.

the grand alle

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I do love the weekends

Last weekend we drove up to our favorite beach and hiked the dune trails... still too cold to sit on the beach (it was in the 60s). We did hike with bare feet though which was amazing. Most of the trails are sand, but in some places snow still covered the path.

We usually get up on Saturdays and make breakfast. While we eat we decide what adventures we want to get into for the weekend. Last weekend it was hiking trails. This weekend we're off to the beach again- it's pretty cold today, too, but it's sunny so I'm optimistic.

whole wheat waffles

sunrise smoothie with chia & kale
I hope you're having adventures today too!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Cape Cod

We spent the weekend on Cape Cod. It was a really low key, beautiful weekend, and I'm so glad we went!

We stayed at a friend's house and with a fireplace and fully stocked kitchen, we were totally set.

We went out to the beach in Provincetown on Saturday. It was very cold and windy but also very beautiful.

We hiked around a little lake in Provincetown.
We noticed little chickadees flying all around us so I stuck my hand out and two different birds came to visit!
Ballston Beach

Winter Coats on the Beach. 
Apparently there is an entire treasure trove of modern architecture on Cape Cod. It seemed like many were uninhabited and have been taken over by a Trust that is rehabilitating them and doing tours during the summer season.

White Cedar Swamp was a little frozen still.

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!