Thursday, December 30, 2010

Made it Home

We got stuck in Mississippi after that crazy blizzard shut down all airports in the North East. What better place to be stuck, though, right? It could have been much much worse. So after two days of waiting for the all clear we headed back to Boston (first class!)

The snow on the ground was beautiful!
We dug our car out of the 20+ inches of snow, obtained provisions, and snuggled by the radiator (how romantic) for the rest of the evening.

I hope you will be happy to hear that one of my resolutions for the coming year is to blog daily (or at least almost daily). Please be prepared to comment daily as well (I, in turn, will also be commenting on your blogs more-I always read them, mind you). And as a jumping off point, I'll ask what are your resolutions this year?


  1. Love the resolution. I'd love to do the same as well! Sometimes it seems hard to post everyday, but I think you can do it!

    I think one of my resolutions/goals is to really stick to my budget and save as much as I can possibly stand.

  2. I resolve to be less messy!

  3. Betty Boop30.12.10

    I reslove to eat better all of the time and to stay healthy.

  4. Skip the junk food and help my family do the same.