Friday, February 24, 2012

Strip T's

We went to Strip T's for dinner. Bear with me here, it's a mere sandwich shop by day and a gourmet kitchen with a chef from Momofuku by night!!
My dinner had feet:

Bryan accused me of holding his hand at one point, and when I made a frowny face he said 'but he's dead' like that would make me feel better...
If you live here and haven't been; Go!

Also Lily and I made biscotti on this rainy February day! I thought this was a cute picture!


  1. Elizabeth25.2.12

    The feet aren't exactly selling me on the restaurant. Waffles look good though.

  2. I may have eaten pig ear, but I cannot and will not eat feet. No. No.

  3. Is this chicken and waffles? I would have to ask them to chop those off Christmas Story style before I could eat it, I think.