Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mardi Gras

We had so much fun at our little Mardi Gras throw-down!

These decorations along with black and white New Orleans movies being projected onto one wall while jazz music played in the background set the scene pretty well.

King Cake with a baby inside which Gina found!

Parisian Macarons with vanilla bean buttercream filling. I had never made these before and since they are meringue-like had a tendency to go horribly wrong. I made the batter, piped the cookies onto baking sheets and said a little prayer while Bryan crossed his fingers and held his breath... They were delicious! I'm glad there are a few left over because they are my new favorite treat!

Yellow cake pops with edible glitter!!

Chocolate truffles with sea salt.

There was also chicken-sausage gumbo with rice. And last but not least we had iced chicory coffee and beignets from cafe du monde?

And of course Bryan mixed a group of New Orleans cocktails like the sazarac, vieux carre, gin fizz, and hurricane!

We love having people over! It's always fun to have a home full of friends!

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