Sunday, February 5, 2012

Walden Pond

We spent the morning yesterday at Walden Pond. It was beautiful and Concord, the closest town, was perfectly quaint. There's no wonder why Henry David Thoreau chose that place as his experiment for simple living.

The replica of his simple home for the two years he lived at Walden Pond.

The water was all very clear.

Most of the shoreline on the shady side of the pond was completely iced over. We tried to throw rocks to break the ice and nothing would crack it!

The house site wasn't discovered until 100 years after Thoreau was originally there.

And now it's time to make Super Bowl goodies! Go Pats! 
I fear there will be rioting and mayhem in the streets here in Boston tonight if the Giants win.


  1. The place looks absolutely beautiful. Mr. Avalon showed us a picture of the pond while we were reading the book and I remember wanting to go there!

  2. How peaceful it looks. I would like to think that is Truman's hat Bryan is wearing? Let me believe it. MaMaw