Sunday, February 12, 2012

Supper Club: Fondue

Lisa and Ted were our gracious first hosts to the newly established supper club! It's Bryan's PhD class and significant others that make up this group.
Lisa spent some time in the region where fondue is from so she was the perfect person to host this dinner!
Eldra & Lisa

Ted & Fiona

John made this bread! Delicious!

Lisa put together a wonderful cheese fondue and laid out plates of different charcuterie, cornichons, carrots and her own home made bread.

Bryan and Fiona

Fiona and John

I brought chocolate fondue for dessert and along with it pound cake, glaceed oranges, candied grapefruit peel and clementines.

and of course Lydia joined in the dinner party with a pupcake and a few carrots.

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  1. What goes around comes around--so they say. I remember having a fondue pot in the past, We even cooked cubes of meat, but cheese is the best. A fun way to entertain. MaMaw