Thursday, February 16, 2012


It's been a while since my smallest friend was on my blog! I just want everyone to see the cool kid that I get to spend my days with!

Her blue steel face.

She loves being outside, dancing, going to the playground, doing laundry, climbing, sliding, reading, looking at pictures (of herself), eating peas, waving to airplanes, wearing slippers, and hanging out with friends!

She's talking all the time and doing such a good job using words. She knows so much and never forgets something you've shown her. She is kind to others (unless she's very hungry but that is something I struggle with too so who can blame her?) and wants to help you do everything.

Her personality is so big, and she really makes me laugh every day.
Wake up already so we can play some more!


  1. I believe that look is actually Magnum.

    Seriously, though, she is too stinkin' adorable!

  2. My, My--That little girl is really something. Keeps you going I bet. How sweet she is.


  3. Danielle17.2.12

    Sorry Ashley, I think she gets the "She is kind to others (unless she's very hungry)" thing from her mom. Thanks for posting the pics! We love seeing them!

  4. Hi Ashley, Lily's grandfather and I would like to thank you for the great care and learning that you are providing for Lily. You are right Lily is is alot of fun. When Lily comes home we certainly enjoy every minute we can with her. Also we love the pictures!

    Thank You,