Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I don't know if you know,

But I'm pretty good at drawing.

Lily and I are working our way through the alphabet. Every day we write our letter and think of things that start with that letter. We look for that letter all day and go back to our drawings during lunch time (we can see the easel from the table) for review.

Anyway, back to my drawing abilities...
I feel like I'm an alright drawer. I can always get my point across. I can draw anything from looking at it, but from memory I'm a bit of a loose cannon especially when it comes to animals!!!
So we came to the letter of the day and it just so happened to be "M."
We drew mama, milk, a mouse, a muffin... And a 'monkey' in the loosest sense of the word, mind you. Well, here: just see for yourself.

He's doing 'the creep.' Why are his arms like that? Why is he tip-toeing? Why is his tail bushy like a squirrel's? Oh, the shame.
I drew him and then cried I was laughing so hard.
After Bryan said he had T-Rex arms, I figured I could come up with a way to fix him.

And because I like to keep it real, here are a few other animal gems from the alphabet files:

Oh, boy. If by 'gorilla' you mean 'special-pig-bear', then yes it does resemble a gorilla.

That horse is a little wolf-like and may have a broken jaw.

I think my iguana is quite nice, actually. Please note the shading and use of several well-blended colors.

I know this kangaroo looks wrong, but I genuinely have no idea what I could have done differently here.

The owl looks afraid.

I guess my pig is okay. By comparison he's practically photo-realistic!

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  1. Loved your iguana but your gorilla really scared me. Truman used to draw for his grandchildren. He drew a pretty good dog and snake. I think I still have some of them. Drawing is fun for children when done by adults. Such fun for your little one. (I guess for Bryan too} MaMaw