Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Bryan and I made it home (to Boston) just in time to watch the ball drop on 2010!
And for New Year's day we celebrated with a "Lucky Brunch" at Craigie's on Main. They served up all the lucky things you are supposed to eat on New Year's Day such as black eyed peas and greens and pork.
Bryan had a sugared doughnut with caramel glaze
A bagel with arctic char and roe, sable fish rillette, onion, spinach, cream cheese
And Fruit Crisp with walnut topping and lemon balm ice cream

I had fresh fruit with yogurt and mint,
A large fluffy omelet with mushrooms, herbs, and feta
and profiteroles with peanut butter ice cream and chocolate drizzle

And look what happened today!

Snow Everywhere!!!


  1. MaMaw4.1.10

    So you passed up the blackeyed peas? But look what you had in their place. What fun. I like Bryan"s Russian hat. Truman has one too-but really from Russia. Stay warm and enjoy the snow. We are due a little this week too. Nothing like you have.
    Betty Boop