Saturday, January 16, 2010

Home is Wherever You Are

Bryan and I took a day trip to Maine! We had lots of fun together (as usual)!
We started our trip in Kennebunkport
Where we went by Bartley's (which came highly recommended online)And got an amazing freshly made blueberry pie with wild Maine blueberries (which we ate in the car with plastic ware... we did not eat all of it... but enough)We had seafood stewand fish tacos for lunchand saw the Goat Island Lighthousehere it is a little bigger:
After we left Kennebunkport we drove up to Cape Elizabeth where we went to the Two Lights State Park.

I got to touch the Atlantic Ocean! I've never felt colder water than that water and it was crystal clear. What a beautiful day to be outside!
It tried to soak me at first.

And last but not least, with waining day light (at 4:30pm) we went to the Portland Head Light to see the country's oldest lighthouse commissioned in 1791 by George Washington. Light Keepers kept it burning for over 200 years before it was converted to electric.


  1. Betty Boop17.1.10

    My My you took me back a few years, We were traveling thru Maine some few years ago. We were with Truman's brother Cecil and Irene in our moyor homes. We also bought a fresh baked bluberry pie and ate it along the roadside. We thought then that $8.00 was a lot to pay for it. I bet they cost much more now. But it was worth it. We have so many good memories of traveling the U. S. I am glad that you two are taking advantage of your time and place. P. S. I could go for a slice of that pie right now.MaMaw

  2. Food above looks scrumptious and looks like such a fun and relaxing time. Hope you enjoy the cookbook as much as I have. Yes, they make about 40 ish- I think I could eat them all easily (: I'm sure you could halve it? Or don't, and eat them all. Enjoy!

  3. You two look very GQish posing for the camera. I don't know how you manage to set it up and get a good shot every time! The oysters, I could do without...too slimy for me. But I'm so glad you are having a good time!