Saturday, December 26, 2009

Edit: Even Dial Up Can't Hold Me Back...

or can it? (depends on how long it takes to upload photos, I guess) We're staying with my mom and she can't get high speed internet where she lives (no, she doesn't live on Mars-- just out in the country) and I've been putting off blogging until we made it to a wireless network, but I'm having withdrawls so here goes.

It's so fun to come home for Christmas because all of our friends are doing the same thing. We've had a great time getting to hang out with everyone! Bryan and I went with Lexie, Parker and Ben to see the "Canton: City of Lights" display last week.All of the shops along the town square decorate their windows for the month long events and it's always really pretty to see all the lights. Some windows did a much better job than others, though. Good JobWeird Job

Bad Job

A for effort... broken fingers are a negative

Ok, dial up wins.
In the time it took to not upload any photos (6 photos were attempted) I was able to eat breakfast, brush my teeth, dry, and straighten my hair + wait in front of the computer screen for 20 minutes while it considered my request... I guess my photos and all other adventures will have to wait a couple more days!


  1. you know you love it.

  2. that was definitely me and not mama saying that.