Monday, January 11, 2010

I think I'll go for a walk outside now

The summer sun's calling my name... but I can't seem to hear it over the 9 degree weather for some reason!
We walked anyway. Why? Because we're brave. We're brave and we're tough. We're brave, we're tough, and we're rugged out-doorsy people. And I don't want to hear any one of my friends or family laughing or disputing my part of the "we" in those statements.

(The frozen Charles River)

(A woman on the frozen Charles. She did not fall in. I guess the ice is pretty thick, though.)


  1. Betty Boop12.1.10

    We had a thin layer of ice on our Lake too but nothing to compare to the Charles river. My what a sight. We are having broken water pipes all over the city. Main lines are breaking and we do not have safe water yet. The stores are running out of water to sell. What a winter so far for you and us. But we are rugged outdoors people? O. K. Mamaw

  2. I'm cold just looking at those pics! And I have that song running through my head like a broken record.