Sunday, January 10, 2010

While We Were Away: Part II

We visited so many friends while we were home! How fun it was to see everyone again! I've already blogged about staying with Parker & Lexie & being at my mom's house, but here's what else we did.

I went to a Journey caroling party before Bryan made it to Jackson:
(no journey party doesn't have food... hi, emily, in the background!)
We were invited over to Scott & Lisa's cute new house for chili and to catch up with some high school friends:
(beverly, lexie, molly gee, lisa, me)
We played with Howard:
(jill, phil, & chester cheeto)
We had lunch at the newly renovated historic King Edward Hotel in downtown Jackson: (and climbed up to the roof afterwards because it was so new there were no functioning locks on any doors)

We saw a Jim Henson exhibit at the art museum downtown:
We also took puppets on the tour and did a puppet show at the end!
(us with lex & ben) (and if we're getting technical: Skunky, Mr. Quackers, Badger & Beaver)
We went with Neil & Beverly to hear some Blues music:
(bryan & me with neil)
Had game night at Van & Emily's house:
(van & emily)
Has everyone played "Things?" You should.
(kyle & katie)
We tried on new faces at Lexie & Parker's house:

And we hung out with Kyle & Katie for the last few days while we stayed at their house!
It's such a blessing to have such good friends and family close by! I really miss that about living in Jackson! It does make it that much sweeter when we go home, though.
Happy Sunday!

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  1. Let's just hope no spud feet were involved in Things again this time.