Saturday, January 30, 2010

It feels like -6 outside right now.

Is that legal? As you've guessed, we will not be adventuring today.

A few weeks ago Bryan and I were out walking around and he looks at me and says. I want to learn to cook French food. "Great!" I said, as I love to cook and thought it would be fun to do it together. He immediately ordered the 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking' book. So far we've only attempted side dishes from the book but if they were a taste of what's to come, them I'm in!
Creamed Brussels Sprouts (in a lot of butter and cream...)
What was left of the artichoke by the time I took a picture. We ate this with hollandaise (and we've eaten three since this one!)I guess if there's more real French cooking... like not just veggies, I'll let you know! Maybe I can convince Bryan to whip up something magical for lunch. I am sick, you know? Cough Cough.

Oh, and Sophie, we made the black bean burgers and sweet potato fries you had on your blog! We always make sweet potato fries but I never thought to season them with Tony's! Great Idea! (And I made guacamole to go on the burgers... which I would totally recommend!)


  1. Ashley, I want the black bean burger recipe ... ...

  2. Yummmmmmm
    I am going to have to try the guac on my burger... as in.... when I cook burgers tomorrow.

    How has the veggie life been going? Are you feeling better, is it that much of a change?

  3. It's going well! The problem I have had is translating my diet to "real life." It's been interesting navigating going out to eat, etc. The other day St. D had a rally at the Madison Cultural Center and Chickfila catered. It's been hard to make sure to be good, especially stuff like that. But, I've lost 17 pounds so I'm pretty excited!

  4. oooh! I want to make that burger! I've tried the sprouts before and we didn't like it so well... maybe I'll try this version :)
    love you blog by the way and i'm pretty sure I check it 4 times a week! Hope all is well and it seems as though you are truly enjoying your experience in Boston.

  5. We just bought a half BUSHEL of sweet potatoes from a truck on the side of the highway (back to Sugar Busters). We will add some Tony's to the next batch of fries for something different. Thanks!