Saturday, January 23, 2010

try that mershkin place

Or that "mexican" place for lunch which is what Erick finally decided the man he asked was saying...

Today we took a trip to Plymouth and Hyannis. Hyannis was terrible. Here are our adventures.
Erick and Laura came with us so it was definitely fun to have them along!!

Our first stop was Plymouth:
Where we saw the Plymouth Rock!
Which we were totally underwhelmed by. We did discuss photo-shopping ourselves into the photo above but at a much smaller scale so that it would look as big as we thought it would.Then we saw the Mayflower II... it was a replica of the original from what we understood.
We were pretty excited about the boat.And here is William Bradford.
And his grave site.
And last but not least we visited the Cape Cod Beer Company. We did the brewery tour and sampled what they have to offer.
After all of those adventures, it took us an hour in Hyannis to find a restaurant that was open... EVERYTHING said "Closed for the Season" or "Opened again in April." I didn't realize our outing so heavily relied on the season. We have already made plans to go back in the summer, though. This time we want to go all the way out on Cape Cod to Provincetown!


  1. I'm kind of underwhelmed by the rock, as well. I thought it was reaaaally big!

  2. Betty Boop27.1.10

    Smaller than I thought too. At least we were there!!!