Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We're Off to See the Wizard

Or Ben. Ben is way better than any ole wizard by the way...

Today was our longest drive. From Gulf Shores, Alabama, to Nashville, Tennessee. We only stopped once because Bryan saw a billboard for "Famous Building Miniature Replications done by a Monk in the 1930's." Of course we had to exit. And boy-oh-boy was it worth it!

"Chipmunk Crossing"--- I guess the monk's have a sense of humor.

I don't know if the mini buildings are what drew me in or if it was the fact that there was a Monk involved, but either way $10, 125 mini buildings, and a monk-sighting later and I was a happy camper and back on the road the Music City.

Last night Bryan and I took a sunset walk on the beach.

We came across the most outrageously large pterodactyl prints I've ever seen.
This shows my foot, a regular bird's foot, and the pterodactyl's foot.


  1. Anonymous13.8.09

    Thanks for taking me along on your trip. The AVE MARIA GROTTO was interesting, Sometimes the most fun things are the ones we do not plan and just discover. What are the little red ball like things in the rock wall? MaMaw

  2. I think the "regular bird prints" may be baby pterodactyls!