Monday, August 17, 2009

"Who's Mr. Obama?"

asked a little boy. "Only the most powerful man in the world, duh!" said his grandfather... ok, so his grandfather didn't say "duh," but I swear the rest is something I heard near a memorial today.

We spent the day again in Washington DC. Only today we were much smarter about how much time we spent outside in the direct sunlight.
We visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum which I found very interesting. I wanted to cry and cry by the time I got to an area displaying piles and piles of shoes. Men's shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes. None of them matched any other in sight. Some were dress shoes, some high heels, some sandals, some clogs, some leather, some worn, some dirty... So indiscriminate.
The exhibit was really an amazing one that I would highly recommend. After the Holocaust Museum we walked around the tidal basin to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

And then onto the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial:
And then on to the Arlington Cemetery.
which was also extremely moving to see. The changing of the guard at the tombs of the Unknown Soldiers was something I'm glad I got to see.

And as if we hadn't walked enough today, we made our way over to the Arlington House (where Bryan informed me the grand daughter of George Washington and her husband Robert E. Lee once lived)
And to the graves of John F. Kennedy and Jackie O.
Two days in DC, I'm afraid, wasn't nearly enough... I was starting to have real sympathy for my mom, Frank, & Aimee toward the end of the day today, though. I'm sorry I made you walk around all day every day for a week in New York last summer. I am incredibly tired after only two days of endless walking and thought this afternoon how sad your feet must have been by the end of five!

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  1. i just want you to know i love reading your blog. i know it's one i can always count on for good posts and lots of pics.

    thanks and i hope ya'll are well!

    Sarah Smith