Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I think my kitchen is out to get me.

Two nights ago I made a savory bread pudding in a large skillet for dinner... I had layers of bread, cheese, veggies, and cream and it was perfect. I opened the oven, slid in the skillet, and the handle poked out of the door by at least two inches. I cried a little.

Last night as I was washing up some stone bake ware, a handle on one of my favorite dishes hit the corner of the sink and broke right off. The shard of handle flew with godspeed directly into my toe and made me bleed! Gushes of blood that really did resemble Niagara Falls... Bryan might tell the story a little differently but he, in the end, rescued me with a band aid. Twenty minutes later, while I was making dinner, I stepped on a tiny piece of broken dish and it made my other toe bleed! Again with the band aids... If anything else happens in that kitchen this week, I'll probably look into having some kind of spirit-removal-ritual performed. I'll keep you updated.

In other news, all our boxes are unpacked and everything is arranged! Pictures to come soon!

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