Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Little House

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our new house!My favorite part of our kitchen.The cute shelf that Bryan built with some brackets I've had for a few years. (This shelf replaced that awful wooden bookcase that was nailed to the wall before. Check out the photo of the kitchen from when we first moved in!)
Our new knife storage:
Our mantel. I'm so excited to have a mantel to decorate for the seasons!

Our new living room chandelier. Here's what happened to that light I took from you, Jan!
The plant that we brought in the car with us... and the new little succulent that was left for us. Such a happy family.
Bryan's library.


  1. Anonymous29.8.09

    What a difference a few days makes. You are so good at getting it done. I just love all of it. Where is Bryn's library located? Your kitchen is so cute. Love a mantel too. MaMsw

  2. Nice job getting settled so quickly! Things look great, I love the color of the chandelier. I'm loving chandeliers right now, I need to restrain myself, I think I would put one in every room. My sister says I have a little bit of a lighting obsession. Nice to be out of boxes, huh?

  3. Perfect Perfect! Love your little home!