Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our New House

is TINY! Yikes.
I was taking pics when we first got here to put on the blog and was a little disheartened when after only three photographs, I was done.

So here are the three pics from when we first arrived:
The kitchen
The living room/ dining room/ entryOur bedroom
And then we painted.
It really made me feel a lot better to paint. I like it much better than before. Once we get all the off-white trim painted white, I think that will be even better!

So this is it: Our little house. We have most of the second floor. The far right window is the kitchen and the two left windows are the living room.And then this happened:
Uh oh. The story of how everything doesn't fit will be coming soon, I'm sure.


  1. Anonymous23.8.09

    Oh MY!! I wish I could come help. I bet you will find a place for everything. After all you are a top notch designer. and Bryan can do what you tell him to. What memories you are making. Trust me they are precious,MaMaw

  2. You two will have that place whipped into shape in no time. And it does look alot better since you painted. Look at the bright side - it will hardly take any time to clean up!

  3. I love your little home. It will be perfect. You know it will!

  4. First, it was soooooooooooooo good to talk to you this morning. Second, I like your tiny house! :) Third, I miss you! We'll update again, soon...I hope. I will be blogging about the road trip and such this weekend with pic!