Thursday, August 27, 2009

Liberty Mutual and Clam Chowder

Today was the first day we got to go into the city! It was a BEAUTIFUL day and after meeting with our new insurance guy (and getting tons of local 'must-dos' and 'must-sees' from him) we headed over to Legal Sea Food for a bowl of clam chowder to-go.
We took our chowda (all "R's" turn into "A's" around here for some reason) to the paak (park) fuh (for) lunch.
We watched the swan boats go round and round the lake while we sat in the Common for a while.

We also walked over to Harvard Square a couple of nights ago and on the way there, I snapped a photo of our neighborhood. See, parents? It's cute.
House pictures coming soon, I promise!

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  1. Anonymous29.8.09

    Shades of MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINS. Remember the book? MaMaw