Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Very Grown-Up Purchase

Dead, mind you. One day I'll have real live chickens, but today was not that day.
I had a couple different chicken recipes in mind for this week's dinners and found a really easy roasted chicken recipe online (actually Bryan found it on New York Times and sent it to me). I've never tried to cook an entire chicken before, but it was so easy and really inexpensive and look how great it turned out!

Get a cast iron pan really hot in a 500 degree oven then carefully add your seasoned chicken stuffed with a quartered lemon and whatever herbs you want, drizzle with olive oil and then it goes back into the 500 degree oven for another 30-45 minutes depending on how much your bird weighs. Couldn't have been easier!


  1. I have cooked many many chickens somewhat that way, but not in such a hot oven--sounds easy. A whole chicken is a very good buy and I have made three to four meals from one. You are a wise as well good cook. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY. It will be hot as a firecracker here (pun intended} MaMaw

  2. Bech LOVES buying whole chickens...ugh! I love eating chicken, but I'm just not tough enough to cook it. So way to go!