Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And Talented Too!

Bryan made some yummy bread today in the dutch oven! Doesn't it look perfect?!

Sorry I've been MIA.
What's been happening around here?
I was in a little bus accident on Friday and seriously thought my left ribs were cracked. They're probably not. I can do most normal actions again without wincing. (hooray! because we're doing this awesome thing this weekend)
We saw the Dark Knight Rises on Saturday after feasting on dumplings and taking a stroll down Newbury Street!

Lily and I saw Rolie Polie Guacamole play in a park yesterday. If I can set up a youtube account, I can post some of her amazing dance moves from that concert.
 After the concert (which was near where we live) we came back to our house for lunch. Everything she touched was "Ashley's ___whatever___" and I just kept saying 'well, it's mine and Mr. Bryan's.  We share.' to which she responded 'NOOOOOOOO.'
Getting into the logistics behind a successful relationship seemed futile so instead I just argued back (no less futile) with an 'oh yes we do!'

There have been a couple of museum and zoo visits in there... even a new book club... but that's basically it!

We have a fun party coming up on Friday evening! If you're in Boston, join us! If you're too far for the fun, then check in on Saturday for the details! I'll have lots of pictures I'm sure. I'll just say The Three Amigos will be involved! (and I'm still trying to talk Bryan into learning the 'my little buttercup' dance routine for the talent portion of the party but he's a hard sell)

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  1. Anonymous26.7.12

    I am sorry to hear about your accident but glad you are doing o.k. Lily is so cute,and she can dance too!!!. You and Bryan find so much to do. Good for you. MaMaw