Sunday, July 29, 2012

New England Color Run!

We were so very clean before! (We were wet too! It poured rain right until the run started then it stopped!)

The D.J. (yep-- it was a party) said that there were 8,000 runners so they had us divided into groups to start a couple hundred at a time.

This is what the 'color stations' look like along the route. (My phone was in a bag and I was running- sorry for the blur.)

Look up this run online and see if there's one near you! It's fun. It's not timed. It's a huge colorful party. And all the proceeds go to charity!

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  1. My Gosh that sounded like fun. I bet we will have one here some day. We are always last to do the good things and alas first to be in a bad light. I wonder why????I do not know. MaMaw