Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tacos and Tequilla

Our little party was fun last night!
We've been working our way through alcohol tastings this summer and last night was tequila! I think there ended up begin about 15 people here and we ate delicious things and tasted some yummy tequila. Bryan even made two types of sangrita to go with!
These are the reposado / sangrita tastes. 

I made tres leches cupcakes. They were a hit! I've never tried this cake-type as a cupcake and although they were messy they were perfect!
Yummy tacos! Bryan made grilled marinated skirt steak and we made salsa, beans, rice, and then provided all the toppings.
We had a few kinds of Mexican sodas.
This grapefruit soda is actually really delicious!

This was my favorite silver and reposado. I think I heard several people agree with me! 
And this was the overall Mezcal winner! So smoky and delicious!


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  1. Those cupcakes sound amazing! We may have to try to make those...