Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to Normal

Our power came back on in the wee hours of this morning!!!

The power itself being off for 40 hours wasn't that bad. The only major thing was the refrigerator/ freezer not working. I also missed hot water...

Like I said yesterday, it could have been worse. (see above pic)

So this week holds many changes:

It's my last full week with Martha and Adele. They go to school next week. While I'm so excited to see how much she learns and how many friends she'll make, I'm also really sad. I've had two fun years with Adele and have truly loved both of those girls like my own. I know we will keep in touch!

I start with my new little one next week! I'm excited about it. Hopefully I'll be able to introduce her soon!

Elizabeth leaves for Vienna tomorrow! We are excited for her, but I'm selfishly sad that one of my few girl friends here is leaving for a year! I have pictures of her goodbye party on my other camera... Coming soon.

Bryan starts classes at Harvard on Thursday! PhD or bust!
He also tells me that a perk of being a spouse is that I can sit in on any class. I'm totally going to do that!

I think that's everything to speak of at the moment!


  1. I am glad you both are safe and getting back to normal. Getting back to school will bring you back to reality. I know your girls will have a good start thanks to you. Yes it can be a little sad but good too. As for Bryan, you keep him going too. I am so proud of him and you too.

  2. do sisters-in-law get to sit in on classes? because that would be awesome!