Monday, August 29, 2011

All of the Lights

Our power went out first thing yesterday due to this:

We finally taught ourselves how to play cribbage! Bryan beat me because he called a couple of 'Muggins.' Who knew we'd learn an entire new set of vocabulary words to play this game? (fifteen-two, royal double, His Nob, the crib, pone, starter, two for His Nob... So weird)

We also entertained ourselves by reading and drinking to candle light.

All-in-all Irene wasn't that bad in Boston. It was just really windy and rainy yesterday. I saw a lot of debris on my way to work this morning. Tons of tree branches and small trees are down. The worst thing I saw was a huge tree branch that fell and totally crushed a parked car. The scene looked like that mayhem/Allstate commercial.

Our power is still out with no estimated time of being turned back on. That is a slight inconvenience, but we know to be grateful because it could have been infinitely worse. After all, we aren't alone in this; 4 million other people are without power today too!

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