Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Favorite Things

Autumn is just around the corner! I can feel it in the air! It is still warm during the days here, but autumn is coming and it's my very favorite time of the year!
In the spirit of autumn, we went apple picking this weekend!
It was the first picking weened of the season at our favorite Russell Orchards in Ipswich.

We took the hayride out to the orchard from the barn (where we picked up some fresh corn, blackberries, local honey, and delicious cider donuts!)

Some of the apples (depending on what type of apple) grow on short shrubs like these and some are on big trees with low hanging branches.

We got 20 pounds of apples this year!!! There are big, big things in store for them!

All strapped in and ready for the drive home!

We couldn't leave Ipswich without stopping for fried clam bellies! Delicious!!

I'm so glad we have adventures!

And I'm so glad we now have fresh apples!

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