Saturday, August 13, 2011

Taste Off Face Off

After much debate about who could 'totally tell the difference between cheap beer X and other cheap beer X' we decided to put some feet to the fire with a 2011 Taste Off Face Off.
8 Cheap/ Lite beers were assembled. Cups were numbered. Ballots were created.
It was much harder than it sounded.
The Contenders:
Bud Lite
Miller High Life
MGD 64
Natty Light
Coors Light

High Life, as most of us suspected was actually voted the best beer out of all of the contenders. MGD 64 was the hands down LOSER! It was SO BAD!
And then to get rid of all the half-full, numbered cups with warmish cheap beer we played a rousing game of Beer Pong!

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