Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

AKA: Adele Goes to the Hospital

She was running through a double doorway this morning. The right side was closed and the left side was open. She tripped and fell full force into the closed side!
Once she calmed down enough to tell me that her head hurt I was able to pull back her bangs and see this:

Of course I had a mini panic (internal panic though- I didn't want her to see concern on my face) we put an ice pack on it, sent this photo to Tiffanie, and called the pediatrician who said to come in just to be safe... So a little while later we were off to the hospital!

Here we are in the waiting room:

You can see the lump on the left side of her head.

And Martha did really well eating a snack and waiting patiently.

After seeing the doctor and getting a clean bill of health we were all in much better spirits!

Lollipops all around!

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