Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Keepin it Real

I fell down for the second time in two days on my way home tonight. All the freaking ice covering every walkable surface is really troubling.
Then I got on the train and a fellow standing behind me had a ridiculously enormous gym bag which was grazing my rear end. He of course had no clue his bag was violating me so I just contorted my body and pulled in my bum, which in turn poked out my belly and I continued reading my book in this slightly uncomfortable stance as there was really nowhere else to go on the overly full train car. When suddenly the lady sitting in front of me looks up and asks me if I was pregnant (presumably because she was going to give up her seat- but still). Rather than freak out about the man's bag which was all up in my business and freak out at the lady for asking such a stupid question to someone who was wearing four layers and two coats... I just said "NO." fairly emphatically and continued reading my book.
I finally made it home and thawed out over a glass of wine and toast with marmalade at our downstairs neighbor's house.
Spring must be close at hand because my sanity was thoroughly questioned today and it shouldn't have to take much more of this nonsense.


  1. While at your expense, my roommate and I just had a good laugh at your story.

  2. Aww Ashley! I, too, got a good chuckle, but I know how you feel. Spring cannot come soon enough.

  3. me three with the chuckling! the only place I could ever ask comfortably if someone was pregnant was at Leap Frog.

  4. Is there such a thing as snow rage? I hope you're better now