Friday, March 5, 2010

We dig through trash. So what?

For the second time in my life... (please see the first here)... I felt like a bit of a hobo. We are bottling our beer this weekend and because we are not alcoholics we did not have 40 beer bottles just lying around our apartment ready to be refilled. We went out late last night to rummage through recyclables. 

We collected lots and lots and our house guest, Candice, (who is in town auditioning for the Royal Academy of Music in London) also helped scavenge.

She also spotted a poor little table that needed some help but has great potential. So not only were we walking around digging through people's recycle bins, we were carrying a wet, slightly sad table, and grocery bags full of empty beer bottles. We really know how to treat a guest!


  1. Okay, you look homeless, too, and not too thrilled about the whole thing. Please tell me you sterilized the bottles somehow. And how do you get the caps back on?

  2. Betty Boop (MaMaw)8.3.10

    Yes I agree you do look homeless!! And leading a friend with you! My first thought was who is washing all those beer bottles?

  3. well, I think it's very economical. good for you!