Monday, March 29, 2010

Summer Come Quickly

Isn't she a beaut? I was so excited to find the exact bike I wanted at the Cambridge Antique Market this weekend. They have a bicycle shop in the basement where they fix up older bikes and re-sell them!

I felt a little bit like I was in the Wonder Years while I was riding her around the parking lot trying to decide whether or not, "it's just like riding a bike," is a merit-able saying. 
It is, by the way.
You see, I have not been on a bicycle of any kind since I was ten years old. When I told the guy who carried Mrs. Schwinn outside for me, he laughed and then said, "oh, you're serious. Then I would strongly recommend you not pedal the first few times around the lot. Just get your balance and it'll probably come back to you." It did! It was, cough cough, just like riding a bike. I was super shaky at first and I only almost crashed once, well twice (this was before I was even moving, so does it really count?--- I was trying to get on so the man could adjust the seat height and I almost took out a whole row!). But 'almost' is the key word there. Now I just need a not-lame helmet and a lock and I'm all set!


  1. Love it! We must all be in the mood because Mary Grace bought a bike yesterday!

  2. I totally was just shopping on craigslist for a bike, and I came across a vintage Schwinn cruiser, too! It's in the spring air...