Thursday, March 25, 2010

Restaurant Week

So it's restaurant week here in Boston which means all the super expensive places that sound amazing provide three course menus for a normal price. And since we decided to become foodies when we moved here, we must take full advantage of such great deals, right? Right.

We made three restaurant week reservations, all at locally owned places and had lots of fun dressing up to go out all week! We tried Pigalle (pronounced Pig-all) in the South End, B & G Oysters in the South End, and T.W. Food in Cambridge. They were all delicious and had exceptionally dim lighting (thus no food pictures... they all turned out terribly unappetizing so I'll spare you.) And at B & G Oyster we were even seated near Michael Kors! You know, "great American fashion designer," as Heidi would say on Project Runway? Yea, we made eye contact. 

Speaking of celebrity sightings... I think I spotted J-Lo the other morning:

And while we're discussing food, I'll give an update on our first batch of home brewed beer. 

It's tasty. It's carbonated (which still kind of blows my mind). And it was approved by the guys at the brewing store. (If you take bottles in they will all taste it and do a little evaluation of it for you.) 
Since that turned out so well, we decided to move right along to our next batch which will be an IPA. The more we talk about beer and try new things, the more I miss my favorite Southern beer! Lazy Magnolia is definitely hands down still my favorite. Southern Pecan, Indian Summer and Jefferson Stout are definitely where it's at. If anyone at home wants to send some my way, I'd truly appreciate it! (and I might just return the favor with a bottle or two of our brew!)

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