Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Fallen Ones

They littered the sidewalks. 

They filled the garbage cans. 

They failed us. They all failed us. And in our time of need, no less. Umbrellas, I suppose, were not meant to withstand hurricane force winds, but oh, how I wish they were! If anyone knows of an umbrella that CANNOT flip inside out no matter what you throw at it, please let me know. Our storm is over for now, but there will be others. After four straight days of pouring rain and outrageous gusts of wind my own umbrella didn't fare so well either. I did not, however, abandon him on the sidewalk. (I did put him away shamefully after he flipped inside out and pulled me down the block all the while in front of storefront windows full of fine diners who I'm sure got a good laugh and was left to rely solely on my not-made-for-Boston-weather rain coat for protection.) So thanks for that, Umbrella. Thanks for that.


  1. I bet those boots did the job, though. Sorry everything but your feet got wet. :-(

  2. Betty Boop17.3.10

    You missed your "calling". You could have been a writer. What am I saying? You are a good writer. I can just see that picture in my mind of you sliding down the sidewalk. MaMaw

  3. i recall you watching me and my umbrella flipping inside out on Baccalaureate Sunday!

    by the way, this aimee, not mom.