Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hull Ahoy

We drove out to Hull Island last night for dinner at Yoni's house. He picked up fresh salmon at the local market and I cooked when we got there. It was absolutely the best fish I've had since we've been here! Super fresh and really tasty with the dijon sauce and red onion/ watercress salad...

After dinner we walked down to the beach to see low tide. The water rises and falls about 9 feet during tides so it uncovered a few yards worth of beach to play on. All the boys skipped rocks and threw rocks the whole time we were on the shore. Silly boys.

The island is in the Boston Harbor and on our walk back from the beach we spied the city all lit up across the bay. What a lovely evening!

Today was quite nice as well. We walked down to the Charles for a picnic lunch since the weather was incredibly nice out. We watched airplanes track across the sky and rowing teams move up and down the river while we lounged. I slept for a while and when I woke, Bryan read a Flannery O'Connor short story to me. My pale-because-of-Boston's-winter skin is showing the effects of sleeping in the sun today... but I wouldn't have traded it!


  1. Betty Boop21.3.10

    Ahhhhh Spring has sprung! Wish I could have some really fresh seafood like you. Such a wonderful change in the weather you are having. We are on and off cold and warm but Spring is in the air, everything blooming and I am looking forward to Spring too. Dot

  2. What short story did he pick? My friend who teaches at St. Andrew'a school had a girl in her class named Flannery O'Connor. Yes she was a direct descendent! A

  3. Looks like spring! I'm so glad to see pictures of sunshine where I can see more than just your eyes peering out!