Sunday, February 21, 2010


Us Southern girls here in Boston (all three of us) got together today for things that reminded us of home. We had mint juleps (the first of all of our lives)
and blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream! 
(Laura & Elizabeth)

Laura was so gracious to host Elizabeth and me! She only recently had people over for a dinner party and is now ready for any amount of hosting... she produced a nice, new white spatula for the cobbler serving as soon as it came out of the oven. As we were cleaning up I pulled it out of the cobbler, flipped it over to wash and found that it was a little newer than I'd guessed! Haha

*Disclaimer: I know there are way more than three Southern girls in Boston. That is why Laura and I are going to start a new tradition just like the one in central park... Mississippi in the Park... here in Boston, but it will be called Massississippi! Spread the word, it's really going to happen!!!

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  1. Betty Boop22.2.10

    Just what Boston needs!!!!!Keep us posted.