Monday, February 22, 2010

I Actually Finished!

A project, that is...
Bryan has mentioned that on occasion I don't quite finish the projects that I start. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I do. Depends on how well it's going at the half way point really. Sometimes it just takes me FOREVER to finish what I start because I want it to turn out just the way I want it. Take our rescued Chinese restaurant sofas for instance. It only took me 3 years (give or take a few months) to completely re-do the one I'm sitting on at this moment.

You may not remember the other two: #1 & #2 I started them when we first moved here. Really I just needed something to do with my extra time and also needed to fill these big empty frames. I really like how they turned out. I'm thinking of trying a few smaller ones in different fonts/ different sayings/ different colors/ different fabrics. I'm also thinking I could make them into pillows or smaller wall hangings. What do you think? Bryan has encouraged me to try to sell something like this on Etsy. Would anyone out there buy something like this if it was for sale?


  1. Anonymous22.2.10

    yes, pillow definately. I told you once, and I'll tell you again, you can charge a fortune for pillows. Also, if you ever want to go in a different direction, you could put your little flowers you make on pillows. I saw a pillow like that for sale for $150.

  2. Anonymous22.2.10


  3. Anonymous22.2.10

    you can definitely sell something like this! I love them!

    - lauren h.

  4. I think they're great! They could be really cute in a nursery ( you can tell where my mind is). Nice job, "check" next to another completed project. I haven't had "check" for a while. In time.... in time.

  5. You would definitely make a killing with these. Granted, a portion of the selling price goes to Etsy (just like if you sold something on eBay) and to PayPal (again, just like if you sold something on eBay), I think you could really do well with that. Maybe a stretch, but if you really wanted to market these and start doing more of them, I bet you could try to cross promote them with someone like Molly Gee who is also on Etsy. Just a thought!

    I will say, the pricier they are, the more someone is likely to pass them by. Maybe make some that don't require as much time and are a little cheaper at first to pull people in? (pillows with one smaller word, etc.) Either way, I think they are awesome!

  6. Love these! Using type in decor is such a huge trend right now and these look sooo great, I think you'd do great on etsy! Let me know if you do it, I'll be a customer for sure!

  7. I think they turned out great! I think the pillows are a good idea, too. Maybe smaller with fewer words so you could actually make a profit for all the time you put in.