Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

All the schools were closed today so I got to hang out with Martha and Adele! Since we were stuck inside, Martha and I took on quite a project. We made Valentine's Day Hearts for our loved ones, and I must say we did an outstanding job. Wouldn't you agree?
She LOVED gluing!
Valentine Heart for Mommy
Valentine Heart for Daddy
My Heart for my Sweetie

We're still working on Adele's reaction to the camera...


  1. Betty Boop11.2.10

    I knew about Adele but not Martha. My she is cute. Your Valetines are so pretty. How did you get to work in all the snow? We are expecting a little snow tonight and tomorrow. Yeh!!!

  2. Anonymous14.6.17

    if you let me take your little panties off I can show you with my fingers and tounge where that baby comes from