Saturday, September 5, 2009


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in Smell-O-Vision was presented by a local arts council last night in Union Square just a short walk north of our house so we trekked on down. There were well over 400 people there because there were only seats for 250 and only like 1/4 of the line got seats. It was in an outdoor parking lot area right in the heart of the square. The arts council were each dressed like movie characters and did a whole big presentation along with the movie. It was super fun and interactive. Bryan and I both thought of you, Meredith, because we could totally see you and your friends doing this and pulling it off. Each person who entered got a little paper bag with chocolate bars, bubble gum, lollie pops, bubbles, a baggie with dryer sheets, new years party poppers... and I don't know what else (because I didn't get a bag- or a seat for that matter... we only waited 1.5 hours in line. If you wanted a bag and a seat you had to wait at least 2 hours I guess.) We got seats pretty quickly though because some people left so we were able to steal their chairs and smell everything from the movie.
They fanned chocolate scents, air gunned a sour patch scent, fan-blew root beer & cream soda, wafted tomato soup and baked potato and blueberry pie... It was a really neat way to watch a movie.

The main girl dressed like Willy Wonka held up signs that said when to eat your chocolate bars or when to sniff the dryer sheets, or when to chew bubble gum during the whole movie so it was really fun.

And here's a little snippet from today's adventures:

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  1. Ha. Yes, pretty much everything is green. Every time I try to branch out it ends up coming out a shade of green somehow...