Monday, September 14, 2009

Cheers, Ya'll

We tried again with the Red Sox game and it was great! We sang songs, we cheered, we chanted... by we, I mean the entire stadium of outrageously dedicated Red Sox fans. It was so fun and I can totally see why so many people are die hard. It was a good game but it was really the fans that made it so fun.

After the game we walked over to Boston Commons and then out to Beacon Hill and found the Cheers bar from the show! I even sat in Frasier's seat and had a beer - Sam Adams Brick Red beer to be exact. It's only sold on tap in Boston so...


  1. Haha... no! But, we do have two gnomes that live on the front deck!

  2. B's dad16.9.09

    Now I AM jealous! You have been to a park I have never seen.....